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Dalit Father and brother tied to a tree and beaten up by Muslims as a Dalit boy elopes with a Muslim girl.

As Hindu Dalit boy loves Muslim girl, family members of the girl tried to lynch the boy’s father and brother, where is pro-dalit and anti-lynch politicians now?

Hariram Harijan | HENB | Sindhagi (Karnataka) | June 29, 2017:: A Dalit father and his 22-year-old son of Hindu Faith were tied to a tree and brutally beaten up on Sunday by a group of Muslims in Karnataka’s Vijayapura after his other son eloped with a woman from the Muslim family. 50-year-old Mareppa Harijan and his son Ramesh were subjected to the assault in Halagundakanal village in the district of Vijaypura of Karnataka.

The assaulters are reportedly relatives of a Muslim girl, who allegedly eloped with one of Mareppa’s sons Ningappa of Hindu Dalit community, a few days ago.

Mareppa’s youngest son Ambarish Harijan told The Times of India+ that Ningappa was in love with a girl from Neeralagi village and had eloped 20 days ago.

“We approached girl’s family members and requested them to send Ningappa home if they find him. However, seven members of the girl’s family rushed to our village on June 25 and tied our father Mareppa to tree and started assaulting him. When my brother Ramesh objected, he too was tied to a tree and beaten up,” Ambarish was quoted as saying.

According to reports, the family first refused to report the assault to the police. However, on Wednesday, they proceeded to file a police complaint against the accused. Mareppa is reportedly undergoing treatment at Vijayapura District Government Hospital.

Vijayapura SP Kuldeep Jain told The Hindu+ that one person has been arrested in connection with the assault. Police say that the accused were Maibubsab Mujawar, Ameensab Mujawar, Shareef Mujawar, Babu Mujawar, Rafeek Mujawar, Khadersab Mujawar and Allabaksh Mujawar.

Villagers however, claim that the assault was not a caste issue, and maintained that it was a personal dispute.

Deccan Herald+ reports that the members of the Dalit Sangharsha Samiti held a protest in front of the mini Vidhana Soudha against the incident.

In these days, the ‘political perpetrators’, commonly known as ‘politicians’ make a hue and cry upon the ‘attacks on dalits’ on cow angle and try to fuel anti-Hindu politics making a rabid ‘Dalit-Muslim combine’. But, many of such cases are found in the soil in India, where Muslims attack on Dalits and try to harm them. In the present case, the Muslims have attacked on a Dalit family for alleged elopement case  of a Muslim girl by a dalit boy. The Dalit-Muslim unity propagation instantly rubbished by the Muslim community. So, pro-dalit and anti-lynch politicians now sheltered underground to avoid any comment on the avid Dalit-Muslim rift.



One comment on “Dalit Father and brother tied to a tree and beaten up by Muslims as a Dalit boy elopes with a Muslim girl.

  1. Yo' Momma
    July 4, 2017

    All religion is shit. You are all insane murderous assholes. Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Buddhists alike


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