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Hindu Woman shot dead by jilted love jihadi.


Hindu Woman shot dead at home by jilted love jihadi in Hooghly. Parents injured as protested. 

Alo Hazra | HENB | Konnagar | July 13, 2018::  : A 35-year-old Hindu woman was shot dead in front of her parents by a Muslim man who barged into their house at Olympic Math area in Konnagar (ward no. 7) on Thursday evening and pulled the trigger from point-blank range.  Konnagar is a municipal town in the Hoogly district in West Bengal.

Subhalogna Chakrabarty was watching television when 38-year-old Mohammad Sultan Ali, a resident of the same ward no 7 Farasipara  neighborhood, turned up with a revolver and shot her from point bank range.

Sultan, who has been arrested, knew Subhalogna and possibly targeted her because she had spurned him, police said.

The Chakrabartys have been residents of Konnagar Municipality, around 24km from Kolkata, for decades. Subhalogna’s father, Tushar, is an engineer who retired from Konnagar Municipality a few years ago.

Sultan had entered the Chakrabarty residence at 8 pm and gunshots were heard moments later. He allegedly slapped Subhalogna before pulling out his revolver and shooting her. As the parents of Subhalogna tried to rescue their daughter from the grab of Sultan, he also attacked Subhalogna’s parents in a ruthless way.  Sultan hit Tushar and his wife with the butt of the revolver, the police said.

While Subhalogna was declared brought dead at the nearby Uttarpara State General Hospital, her parents are being treated in the same hospital for the recovery from moderate injuries.

Sources divulge that Sultan and Subhalogna were in affairs for more than three years and Sultan introduced himself as a Hindu to Subhalogna. But, Subhalogna was shocked to know the Muslim identity of Sultan at the time of their marriage registration just one year ago. Since then, Subhalogna was trying to avoid Sultan and finding a scope to null the marriage registration. As per report, Subholagna filed a divorce case against Sultan in Srerampore Court. Seeing all these, Sultan became infuriated much and finally took the decision to kill Subhalogna in a Jihadi way.

Uttarpara Police has registered a murder case against Sultan after arresting him from accused’s vicinity. Police also recovered the revolver used for the killing of Subhalogna.

__Inputs from Agencies.

3 comments on “Hindu Woman shot dead by jilted love jihadi.

  1. Lal Gehi
    July 14, 2018

    Hindu Woman shot dead at home by jilted love jihadi.


    Hypocrisy thy name is Islam.!



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  3. Nikhil
    July 27, 2018

    government need to allow us to have assault rifle….god I am angry as hell, if I get explosion from somewhere I will blow some of these fcks with me.


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