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A Victory For Hindu Protests. Dhaka Mayoral Poll Date Deferred for Saraswati Puja.

Hindu Students on definite hunger strike protesting Dhaka Mayoral poll on Saraswati Puja Day lifted…..

Bangladesh Election Commission changes Dhaka city Mayoral election date for Saraswati Puja after widespread Hindu protests.

Sankirtan Das | HENB | Dhaka | January 19, 2020:: The Election Commission (EC) of Bangladesh has changed the date of the Dhaka city Mayoral Election from January 30 to February 1 after widespread Hindu protests as the earlier date fell on the Saraswati Puja day.

The decision was taken last evening in an emergency meeting of the EC held in Dhaka.

Briefing the media after EC meeting, Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda said the date was shifted so that no one’s religious sentiment is hurt. (Thanks God, the Islamist CEC, BD got back his sense ultimately that he took a wrong decision earlier to fix the poll date on a Hindu festival day! ~ Upananda Brahmachari, Ed. Hindu Existence Website).

In accordance with the new dates, the government has also deferred the SSC and its equivalent examinations from February 1 to February 3.

There were widespread protests in Dhaka University complex, press club and other spots in the capital of Bangladesh against the earlier date coinciding with Saraswati Puja which is a second major festival of Hindus in Bangladesh.

DU Protest

Hindu Students on definite hunger strike protesting Dhaka Mayoral poll on Saraswati Puja Day lifted. Pic. Hindu Existence Archive.

Students of Dhaka University had gone on fast unto death+ demanding the change of polling date. Political parties including Awami League and the BNP led Jatiya Oikya front had also supported the demand for change in date.

Earlier, the High Court had refused to change the date of Mayoral elections for Dhaka. Subsequently, the aggrieved parties filed petition to Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

The strike by Dhaka University students was withdrawn last night after the announcement of new dates by the EC.

Bangladesh Hindu-Bouddha-Christian Oikya Parishad, Dhaka Mahanagar Puja Udjapon Samiti and Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajot  also withdrew their week-long protests against the election dates.

Ultimately, the Islamist attitude of Bangladesh Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda to block Hindu voters by fixing election date on a major Hindu festival, went off before a huge Hindu protests.

Both the major parties of Bangladesh, the ruling Awami League and opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) welcomed the decision of the EC to change the poll date for Saraswati Puja.


___Inputs from AIR.

2 comments on “A Victory For Hindu Protests. Dhaka Mayoral Poll Date Deferred for Saraswati Puja.

  1. Deshpande RaghavendraRao
    January 19, 2020

    If the Hindus stand united they can achieve anything successfully.


    • yogeshsaxena
      January 19, 2020

      Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mahant yogi Aditya Nath ji,
      Hob’ble Union Minister, culture, tourism G.O.I. New Delhi
      I YOGESH KUMAR SAXENA ADVOCATE SUPREME COURT BASED AT ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT CHAMBER NO 139, R OF H.I.G.203, PREETAM NAGAR, SULEM SARAI, PRAYAGRAJ (ALLAHABAD) HAS A DESIRE TO DIE IN PEACE BY REALISING THAT I BORN IN THE COUNTRY HAVING DESCRIPTION ON NATIONAL ELBUM AS SATYA MEV JAYATEY INSTEAD AS LIER COWARDICE HIPPOCRATIC HAVING FALSEHOOD OF MUGHAL PERIOD IN CONVERTING OUR PALACE TEMPLE AS MUSLIMS MONUMENTS AND INFRINGE RIGHT TO KNOW BY IMPARTING EDUCATION BASED UPON IMPOSTURE OF FALSEHOOD TO ORTHODOX, PRIMITIVE, HIPPOCRATIC SELFISH MENTALITY OF OUR CITIZENS. IN EARLIER LIFE, I died as Neta ji subhash chandra Bose in plane crash, but people stile believe that Neta ji is still surviving at the age of 125 years. People still think that Mahatma Gandhi had given us freedom. People still think that Gandhi ji was idealistic, despite denouncing the result of election by themselves still after defeating the sponsors Sita Ram by Neta ji subhash chandra Bose who was forced to live in exile and fight against British army fighting against him after making Gandhi as agent of Britishers. Mahatma Gandhi was undemocratic in denouncing resolution sponsoring the candidature of iron Man Ballabh Bhai patel and Acharya kriplani in making jawahar Lal Nehru as leader who may become prime minister of india along with Jinnah who was having illicit relationship with Edvina Mauntbaton to get two Nation Domanion theory promulgated for given us independence. Gandhi experiment with Brahmacharya resulting in sexually explicit to Manu could not become incident for opening the eyes of LITTLE INDIANS for not to highlight Gandhi as Rastrapita nor use his portraits on our currency by replacement of Ashok Elbum on our currency note. Then how we can support the demand to dignify VEER SAVARKAR as BHARAT RATNA?. OUR PRIME MINISTER DIVINITY ENSHRINED IN GIVEN SYMBOLIC RECOGNITION TO SRI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE LIBERATION MOVEMENT ON 23ND OCT. 1943 AS OUR INDEPENDENCE BY AZAD HIND ARMY BUT STILL KEEP ON ARTIFICIAL IMPOSTURE OF SURNAME GANDHI AS SYMBOL FOR RULING TO LITTLE INDIAN. SIR, I HAVE BEEN APPRECIATED BY MUSLIMS STALWARTS ADVOCATES PRACTICING AT ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT, BUT NONE OF HINDU HAS EVER SUPPORTED THE MOVE OF THE PSYCHOPATH CONGRESS BELONGING TO HINDUS THAT I MAY PROCEED TO HIGH LIGHT REGARDING TRUE AUTHORSHIP OF OUR HINDUS MONUMENTS WHICH WAS EXPOSED BY SRI PURSHOTTAM NAGESH OAK BY CREATING A SOCIETY NAMELY INSTITUTE OF REWRITING INDIAN HISTORY. WHY WE ARE LIVING IN FALSEHOOD. WHETHER THESE ARE WE, THE CITIZEN , WHO MADE OUR CONSTITUTION ?. MY ALSWER IS NO AS IT IS REPRODUCTION OF GOVT. OF INDIA ACT, 1935 INTRODUCED BY CROWN TRANSFER ACT, 1946 AND IMPLEMENTED BY INDIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT, 1947. GOVERNOR GENERAL RAJA GOPALACHARYA TOOK OATH TO REMAIN LOYAL TO GEORGE 6TH DURING 1948 WHEN OUR CONSTITUTION WAS NOT ADOPTED. WE ARE PROVEN WORST THEN OUR BRITISH RULERS DURING THE PERIOD OF CONGRESS.
      Now I am introducing my research which remain subject matter of writ petition public interest filed by me and Sri P.N.Oak was petitioner. TAJ MAHAL IS TEJO MAHALIYA comprising of palace cum temple built by Raja paraminidev in 1155 A.D. comprising of white stone with a tomb underneath. The red stone 22 rooms palace remain in existence since long. It is octagonal in shape and its interface were from side of Jamuna River. People can come to the temple of lord shiva on festivals. The replica was coming from two structure built on both side of eastern facing building. It contains OM SWASTIC TRIDENTS spastic, lotus, tridents Kalash, snakes tamar bel all Hindus symbols. This contains 8 chambers for sitting. The first floor of marvel stone building is comprising of lord Vishnu statute while on the top floor there was lord shiva statute Nnamdi and Bulls. The carbon dating of gate found that it was in existence during sher Shah period and tried to occupied which he could not. There are castles and cow shelter Gau shale. There is well in midwest from where water supplied to different part of palace having 22nd chambers underneath.
      Kurram was fighting with the army of Noor jahan the wife of saleem who fought with Akbar for marrying Noor Jahan. Kurram was born from Bhanwati in 1592 A.D. . Since Khurram was of jallalluddin Akbar liking and thus Noor jahan wanted to kill him . During this period Khurram married to Anjuman Bano jilani who was married after killing her first husband. Thus Noor jahan wanted to kill wife of Khurram. Anjuman Bano jilani died in Burhampur prior to occupation of kurram as Nawab Shahjahan after the death of Saleem known as Jahangir in 1628 A. D . Sahjahan killed his step brothers 5 in number. Aurangzeb killed Dara shikoh and made Sahjahan imprisoned soon there after. Thus who made Taj Mahal?. When Taj mahal started construction?. It is never thought correctly in any history books.
      According to sahjahannama written by Maula Hamid Lohari Ansari Anjuban bono known as Mumtaj who was buried in Burhampur M.P. was brought to Akbarabad Agra for about 600 K.M by feet after taken out from place where he was temporary buried on 15th june 1930 and reached in 6th month on 15th jan 1631 and kept near music hall inside dome like structure which was owned by Raja jai singh grandson of Mansingh. It remained lying there for an year and then buried. Just after death of Mumtaj sahjahan married her sister and made her daughters Roshanara and Jahanara as her concubine. Aurangzeb letter says about repair of water storage tank lying inside marvel stone structure. Thus Taj Mahal was existing temple. Red fort of Agra has three tunnel connected to Taj Mahal from Victoria garden underneath passage connected to FATEHPUR sikiri Etmatudullah and sikandara also. Agra has many red stone building surrounding vicinity. The only carving of Quranic scripts is made up of tiles. The 28nd stranjas in which prayer were administered by Raja Paraminidev have been found in Bateshwar and number of Hindus temple statutes of Bhagwan shiv were found in during excavation site work. Thus lord shiva and Bhagwan vishnu are having been subjected to victimised by the inactivation of your government. I went to Gorakhnath temple in 2007 when Mahant Avaidhyanath ji called upon and asked to remain there. Thereafter Sri Ashok Singhal of VHP called me when Dr. Praveen Tagodia was also present. Lastly Vinay Katiyar of Bajrang dal called me. Finally after demise of Sri Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Sri P.N. Yog father of justice A.K.Yog of Mushairabad Lucknow , Sri Balraj Madhok called me in presence of Sri Prafull Goradia. The Hindus Masjidey Anti Hindus Unfinished agenda of islam written by Sri prafull Goradia are eye openers. I wanted to meet Sri yogi Aditya Nath ji who called me on 1st feb. 2019 despite my ailment but his divinity did not allowed me to disclosed all such description and as such when National information commissioner reported the details ,the ministry of culture denounced my research arbitrarily saying that it does not have evidence. 1) OPEN 22ND HIDDEN CHAMBERS OF RED STONE BELOW TAJ MAHAL MARVEL STRUCTURE 2) OPEN AGRA FORT , FATEH PUR SIKIRI, ETMAUDDAULA SKANDARA KUTUB MINAR, HIMAYUN MAKBARA, JAMA MASJID AND ALL OUR TEMPLE UNDERGROUND BUILDINGS WILL BE RECAPTURED THEIR LOST CULTURE. IF INDIAN GOVT. WANTS TO IMPLEMENT C.A.A. N.P.R. AND BRING COMMON CIVIL CODE THEN YOU HAVE TO EXPOSE THE FALSEHOOD OF MUSLIMS AGENDA. MIND IT. BEST DEFENCE IS OFFENCE.


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