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Kerala will be an Islamic State in 10 years through caliphate: Hindu Hater Mujahid Balussery.

After allowing first Muslim district in Mallapuram in Kerala by CPI(M), the party is now facing threat of Jihadis for making Kerala as Islamic State. 

‘We can turn Kerala into Islamic State within next 10 years through Friday Prayers’: Jihadi preacher calls for ‘caliphate’.

P Viswanathan | HENB | Thiruvananthapuram | Sept 11, 2020::  The district of Mallapuram was formed by then CM and legendary CPIM Leader E. M. S. Namboodiripad on 16 June 1969 to make an exclusive district for the Muslims (first ever in Independent India) by incorporating southern parts of the erstwhile district of Kozhikode and northwestern parts of the erstwhile Palakkad in Kerala.

Mallapuram set an example of mass conversion of Hindus, encroachments of Hindu Temple lands, persecuting Hindus, expanding Love Jihad and Land Jihad, spreading radical activities in an extreme subversive Jihadi module under ISIS network and to make Sharia above the constitution of India.

The successive Govts in Kerala, whether it is Communist led LDF Govt or Congress led UDF Govt, both the alliances allowed Islamic fundamentalism to retain the power in the State even taking support from IUML (Indian union Muslim League).

Now, Kerala preacher Mujahid Balussery, who is known for giving hate speeches, has once again come under the scanner after he allegedly called for ‘caliphate’ in the state as Hindu and Christian groups raise alarm over the threat.

In one of his videos, Balussery can be heard inciting so-called ‘Mujahids’ to convert Kerala into a ‘caliphate’. “Send all Muslims of Kerala to Mujahid mosques just on Fridays and we can turn Kerala into an Islamic State within 10 years,” he says.

He goes on to say, “We have a duty here. If we shut down some of the other Muslim religious branches in Kerala and bring them under Mujahids, we can turn Kerala into Islamic State within 10 years. A man can be morally perfect in every way but will be denied heaven if he worships other gods.

Because saying ‘Guruvayurappa save me’ is shirk and is a bigger sin than adultery, homosexuality or lending money for interest and the person will go to hell.”


In a video accessed by the Times Now from 2017, he can be heard comparing a Hindu temple to a brothel. “If you donate money to a Hindu temple or festival, you’re encouraging shirk which is the gravest sin. You wouldn’t donate money to a brothel or a pub,” the preacher says in the video.

‘Go to states which are lenient towards Muslims’

Last week, controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik said that Indian Muslims cannot practice their faith, they should do Hijira. “If you have the means to go to a Muslim majority country that would be the best he said while adding that he did expect that all Indian Muslims would leave the country,” Naik said.

He further said that those Muslims who could not move out of India should go to states which are lenient towards Muslims. “The best state I can think of for Muslims is Kerala adding that all the three major religions-Hindus, Muslims and Christians each accounted for about one-third of the population of Kerala,” he added.

It’s not an alarm for Kerala, Hindus in India are under the same threat of Jihad

Actually, the present call of radical Islamic preacher Mujahid Balussery is not a threat for Keralite Hindus or Christians, such type of Jihadi modules are active in every state in India to make India as an Islamic State under the ‘caliphate’.

So, the plan to make Kerala as an Islamic State in 10 yrs through an establishment of caliphate as declared by  Mujahid Balussery, is not an threat for Kerala, Hindus in India are under the same threat of Jihad, obviously.

VHP Protests

Dr Surendra Jain, International Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad vehemently opposed the ‘caliphate’ statement of Mujahid Balussery for turning the situation of Kerala in an ugly communal line. Dr Jain blamed the present Pinarayi Vijayan  led LDF Govt in Kerala for not taking stern steps against the Jihadi operatives in the state.  He urged to stop foreign aid to the Kearla Jihadi modules mainly from Arab Petro-Dollars.

Dr Jain hoped that the Jihadi elements would easily be eliminated by the strength of strong Hindu unity in the holy land of Adi Shankaracharya and Narayan Guru.

News Flow & Video Courtesy: Times Now.


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