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Meat, liquor sale completely banned in Mathura-Vrindavan’s 10 sq km area.

Mathura-Vrindavan area declared Hindu pilgrimage site; meat-liquor sale completely banned.

GhoshitBhupendra Nath | HENB | Lucknow | Sept 11, 2021:: On Friday, Uttar Pradesh government announced that liquor and meat sale will be banned with immediate effect in a 10 sq km area of Vrindavan-Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The decision was taken by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ahead of the grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in the region.

It was announced by the state government that keeping Lord Krishna’s birthplace as the centre in Mathura-Vrindavan, 10 sq km area was declared as a pilgrimage site. There is a total of 22 Nagar Nigam wards in the area. These ban will be effective in Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana, Nandgaon, Goverdhan, Baldev, Radhakund and adjacent places within the notified 10 sq km radius. 

The announcement has come more than a week after the UP govt announced a complete ban on the sale of liquor and meat in Mathura. Chief Minister Adityanath had said the officers concerned were directed to make plans for the ban as well as for the engagement of people involved in such activities in some other trade.

While confirming the government’s decision, the Uttar Pradesh CM suggested that those engaged in liquor and meat trade may take up selling milk in order to revive the glory of Mathura, that was known for producing huge quantity of animal milk.

During his visit to Mathura last month on the day of Janmastami, Adityanath prayed to Lord Krishna to eliminate the Covid-19 pandemic from the country and instructed his officials to find out the measures to ban on meat and liquor with immediate effect+

“Every effort will be made to develop Brij Bhumi and there will be no dearth of funds for this. We are looking at a blend of modern technology and the cultural and spiritual heritage for the development of the region,” he said.

The decision of liquor and meat ban was welcomed in Mathura and Vrindavan. Additional chief secretary Avnish Kumar Awasthi issued a detailed order, specifying the names of the 22 wards. A copy of the order was marked to the commissioner, Agra division, district magistrate (Mathura), SSP (Mathura), Mathura Nagar Nigam and vice-chairman of the Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad in Mathura.

“Chief minister Yogi Adityanath has kept his word and declared Mathura as teerth sthal. It was a long pending demand and will ensure the revival of the glorious past of this religious city with Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi as its centre. Devotees coming to Mathura were not happy over the sale of meat and liquor in the land of Krishna,” stated Kapil Sharma, secretary of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Trust in Mathura.

Mahesh Pathak, national president of Akhil Bharatiya Teerth Purohit Mahasabha, also welcomed the decision to declare 22 wards of Mathura as a pilgrimage site.

“There are 70 wards in Mathura-Vrindavan Nagar Nigam, including nine wards of Vrindavan, which already has pilgrimage site status. Of the remaining 61 wards of Mathura, 22 are being declared as pilgrimage spots. We would have loved having all 61 wards of Mathura Nagar Nigam as pilgrimage spots but declaring 22 wards with Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi as epicentre is no less a welcome decision,” stated Pathak.

Read this news in Bengali: শ্রী কৃষ্ণের ‘লীলাক্ষেত্রে’ বৃন্দাবন ও মথুরায় মদ-মাংস বিক্রি বন্ধ করে দিলেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী যোগী আদিত্যনাথ

Read this news in Hindi: योगी का बड़ा फैसला, मथुरा का 10 वर्ग किमी क्षेत्र तीर्थ स्थल घोषित, शराब-मांस की बिक्री पर प्रतिबंध

__Inputs from Zee News & Amar Ujala.


One comment on “Meat, liquor sale completely banned in Mathura-Vrindavan’s 10 sq km area.

  1. impex1
    September 11, 2021

    Hare Krishna, Prabhu 09/11/2021 Good Move rather meat & Liquor sale must be banned in whole of the district of all the Hindu religious places. No ifs and Buts. Hindu/Vedic Doctrine based upon Non Violance, Live and Let others Live in Peace & Harmony. Only animas eats animals one can see clearly how animals eat each other in a Jungle and it is called Jungle Raj. Lord Bless us that we are born as human beings and not raxas.




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