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Time has come to feel the heat for attacking Hindutva as non-sense.


Protest held in Canada against University Of Toronto over anti-Hindu conference.

Global Hindus will never forgive the Hinduphobic morons…. 

Huge protest held in Canada against University Of Toronto over anti-Hindu conference.


HinduExistence is grossly convinced that Dismantling Global Hindutva (DGH), a three-day online conference (from Sept 10-12) planned by anonymous organisers in the US, is a partisan and politically-motivated event designed to malign an ancient religion and its adherents. Through columns and reported pieces, this Hinduexistence series exposes why such programmes are misleading, agenda-driven, and nothing but highly-exposed Hinduphobia.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Toronto |  Sept 10, 2021::  Time has come to feel the heat now for attacking Hindutva as perpetrated non-sense by many anti-Hindu and anti-Indian scoundrels like Ananda Patwardhan, Ayesha Kidwai, Banu Subramanian, Bhanwar Megawanshi, Christophe Jaffrelot, Kavita Krishnan, Meena Kandasamy, Mohammad Juniad, Nandini Sunder, Neha Dixit, Reetika Khera and others. These gang of so called scholars are infamous for their incredible capacity of holding anti-Indian, anti-Hindu stands from their pro-Jihad, urban-naxal and pesudo-secular point of views over the time. These gang of hate-mongers have no time to hold any conference about the Talibani Crisis in Afghanistan or the Threat of Global Jihad, but they have fixed their agenda for “Dismantling Global Hindutva”.

But, the present upheaval of ‘Global Hindutva’ (Philanthropic Hinduness to save the Humanity from Jihad, Semitic threats, Communism and uncontrolled Consumerism) could not tolerate the process of “Dismantling Global Hindutva” and vehemently opposed the menace of ‘Hinduphobia’ so far created by a vicious academic lobby  interconnected in many universities.

Indian diaspora in Canada and USA strongly opposed the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” and it is obvious that Global Hindutva unity will never forgive these exposed anti-Hindutva hate mongers ranging from Ananda Patwardhan to Christophe Jaffrelot including Ayesha Kidwai, Banu Subramanian, Bhanwar Megawanshi,  Kavita Krishnan, Meena Kandasamy, Mohammad Juniad, Nandini Sunder, Neha Dixit, Reetika Khera and others.

Indian community in Toronto staged a protest outside the University of Toronto on Thursday to press the administration to withdraw the university’s endorsement towards an anti-Hindu conference known as “Dismantling Global Hindutva”.

Earlier, Hindu American Foundation campaigned against dismantling Hindutva conference. A prominent American Senator, Niraj Antani had also strongly condemned hosting of the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference and described it as an anti-Hindu propaganda.

The members of many Hindu groups in India and abroad took part in the protest and raised their concerns.

Again, Canadian Hindus showed their dismay and frustration a day before the conference on the University of Toronto’s sponsorship to the “anti-Hindu conference”. The protestors served a notice to the administration that the University will be responsible if it causes any threat to Hindu students and staff.

News agency ANI reports, the protesters chanted “shame shame shame – University of Toronto. Their placards read, “Universities – Stop anti-Hindus statements” and favoured for “Peaceful Hindus, Peaceful Canadian”.


“We are hoping that the good sense will prevail with the university authorities. Professors do nothing. They don’t teach, they just misused the funds of the university. They are using Canada, these academic institutions to create hatred towards Hindus, and we believe the university administration will stand up,” said a protester, adding that “I hope good sense will prevail. The administration should not sponsor such conferences as they said they are not sponsoring but they haven’t done anything to stop the conference.”

Another protester said, “Our demand is very simple. We do not want our universities to participate and sponsor this antiHindu conference.”


“Let us also live our way, and we are peace-loving people. We believe in harmony, and we don’t cause any trouble,” said the protester.

“The University of Toronto is supposed to be spreading the message of peace and love. They should be focused on quality education, and they should not indulge in divisive politics. They should not get carried away by those vested forces to create a divide in this world,” another protester said.

Global retaliation against the Hinduphobic “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference is an indelible indication to register the Hindu protest against  the perpetration against ‘Hindu, Hindutva and India’ in the name of surrogate scholasticism  to produce all anti-Hindu, anti-Indian nuisance.

Time has really come up to feel the emitting heat for attacking Hindutva as non-sense.

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