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After India criticises OIC stand on J&K, Pakistan denies it as a part of India in a Jihadi way.

Pak Foreign Ministry on J&K

Pakistan’s Jihad for J&K exposed again….

‘Hindutva…’: Pakistan cries foul after India tore into Islamic nation’s body OIC over J&K with the view ‘Kashmir is not a part of India’.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 8, 2022:: Days after India issued a sharp retort to the 57-member Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for its remarks on the anniversary of the decision to reorganize J&K and amend Article 370, Pakistan categorically rejected the ‘ludicrous comments and fallacious claims’ made by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson. Pak Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement that India’s hubris in this regard was deplorable, adding that it was ‘indeed astounding to see an unabashed practitioner of ‘Hindutva’ to accuse others of ‘bigotry’ or ‘communal agenda.’ Equally appalling is the audacity of an established serial violator of human rights and purveyor of state terrorism, pointing accusing fingers toward others.”

OIC is the largest multilateral forum of Islamic countries representing more than 1.7 billion Muslims.

The statement said, “Jammu and Kashmir was never a part of India, and never will be. It is an internationally recognized “disputed” territory between Pakistan and India that has been under forcible and illegal Indian occupation since 1947.”

“The dispute remains on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council for nearly 75 years. The relevant UNSC resolutions pledge to the Kashmiris their inalienable right to self-determination, to be exercised through a free and impartial plebiscite under the auspices of the United Nations.”

“While perpetuating its tyranny and injustice, India will not succeed in misleading the international community by claiming “socio-economic growth and development” in Jammu and Kashmir. No amount of repetition would turn falsehood into truth,” read the statement.

Such fanatic statements uttered both by OIC  and Pakistan are nothing but ulterior propagation of Jihadi agenda to separate J&K from the entity of India.

Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India since eternity and it is described in the history of Kashmir for last 5000 yrs well before Islam came to existence for 1400-1450 yrs range.

The Pakistan sponsored Jihadi terrorists tried to make an insurgency in the valley just after independence , but always they were defeated by India in all wars and proxy wars.

However the abolition of Art. 35 A and 370 has finally freed Jammu and Kashmir from all constitutional  strictures to remain the state in the territory of India with opening a path to bring Azad Kashmir (Pak Occupied Kashmir-POK) in the mainstream of India discarding the Islamic conspiracy to break India again and again.

The present Govt in the Center led by PM Narendra Modi is determined not to allow any Jihadi excesses in the valley further to keep the territory of Jammu and Kashmir within India at any cost.

The fanatic Islamic forum of OIC (Organisation for Islamic Cooperation) and its vital member Pakistan both are now trying hard to break India in J&K to mature former Pak President and Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s plan of “thousand years war” with the ‘bleeding India through a thousand cuts’ doctrine using covert and low-intensity warfare with militancy and infiltration.


__Inputs from The Hindu and India Today.

3 comments on “After India criticises OIC stand on J&K, Pakistan denies it as a part of India in a Jihadi way.

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  2. DR T . Naidoo
    August 9, 2022

    Der Sir/Madam,

    I shall be grateful if you would please help me. Is it possible to secure the comment made by Nupur Sharma that was the cause of so much hullabaloo?

    I want the full quote please.

    Your help will be appreciated. Many thanks.

    Thillay Naidoo


  3. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    August 9, 2022

    India restore Akhand Bharat, only then the Islam nonense will end.
    Hindustan have three external and internal enemies: 1. is the Islam,
    2. the Vatican religion and 3. the Chinese communists. All of them are
    destroyers and not builders. As war-losers the OCI – its members – have
    no rights on Indian land. It was the weakness of the then policians and
    their parties who had given the war-losers land on Indian soil. This must be
    corrected. All the three enemies have in mind to destroy the HERITAGE
    of Bharat and impose their inferior cultures on Hindus. This can not be
    accepted, even if war is needed. It is urgent needed to ban these enemies
    on Indian soil. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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