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Persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh expect BJP’s rise in WB for their survival.

If there is no rise of BJP in West Bengal, the problem of the Hindus in Bangladesh will loom large.

The perishing Hindus in Bangladesh live with a hope that a rise of BJP in Bengal will help them a bit more while their expectations are yet to to be fulfilled by some strong steps by the BJP in the central power in India… 

Sitangshu GuhaRaktim Surya Das | HENB | Kolkata | Mar 1, 2023:: If the BJP does not rise in Bengal, the Hindus will not fare well on the other side in Bangladesh. Such a sensational claim was made by Bangladeshi Hindu leader Sitangshu Guha now living in the US. In an interview given to Yugashankh daily newspaper after coming to Kolkata during his week long tour in India. He also said, ‘The fundamental jihadi spirit is hitting the communal harmony in Bangladesh every moment. Therefore. Hindus  always feel helpless.’

Sitangshu Guha has been working long  against the persecution of minority communities in Bangladesh from New York City, USA. He is also trying to highlight the issue of minority oppression at the international level. He said, ‘The spirit of the 1970s is being lost in Bangladesh. Radical thinking is being spread there. As a result, minorities, especially Hindus, are affected largely being the victims of the situation. Idols are broken every year. There is not a single temple that has not been attacked. Those who are caught, are not being tried. As a result, radical jihadi forces are encouraged. The jihadist sentiment has been on the rise in  recent times. Hindus are living in fear – it is likely that homes and businesses will be attacked on false charges of insulting Islam. Even if Hindus go to high administrative positions, they do not have that kind of power to save the situation. Earlier there were many Hindu teachers in Bangladesh, but now their number is also decreasing. Because in the name of insulting religion, the teachers have been made to wear garlands of shoes in front of their students.

Mr Guha said that the Hindus of Bangladesh are still leaving the country. He said, ‘Prof Abul Barakat of Dhaka university said – 610 people are leaving the country every day.’ It’s true. Bangladesh will become Hinduless, if India and the West Bengal do not support them in their hard times. As Delhi did not speak in time, Pakistan, Kashmir became Hinduless. The situation in Bangladesh will be the same if Delhi and West Bengal do feel concerned for the issues of minority people in Bangladesh. Though, Delhi has said something over the issues, West Bengal has never said anything about it.

Mr Guha also said, ‘We never expected anything from the communists, that they would speak for the Hindus of Bangladesh. After Didi Mamata Banerjee became Chief Minister, we expected her to speak up for her Bangladeshi Hindu brothers. But even after so many incidents, she has not said anything till date. We thank the BJP people like Suvendu Adhikari, who spoke about this. Our request, let the incidents of torture against Hindus be discussed in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. It will give a strong message to  Bangladesh. Ten, Hindus of Bangladesh will get a ray of hope.

Sitangshu Guha thinks that the jihadist spirit is also increasing in West Bengal. He said, “I came to Calcutta after many years. After visiting some areas, I felt like it has become Pakistan. There is no reason to fear when one community grows in number. But if radicalism grows among them, they quickly become the majority and try to make the other community a minority. Such examples are everywhere in the world. To whom you will show your kindness? Who will have that kindness. If he wants to kill you, what will happen?  As per Newspaper reports, there is huge infiltration in WB from Bangladesh. Then,  NRC is very important in the way West Bengal has been infiltrated. I will tell everyone in West Bengal – no revenge. But, you have to wake up. You have to stand by the Hindus of Bangladesh for your own sake. Otherwise, West Bengal will also become Kashmir one day. If the BJP does not rise in West Bengal, the perishing Hindus of Bangladesh will not be saved anyway from a Sharia State in near future.”

Actually, Hindu activists and Hindu human Rights Organisations both in Bangladesh or in abroad expect the support and action from the Govt of India or from the ruling party BJP over the issues on the persecution of minority people in Bangladesh. But, there is an obvious lack of seriousness in the part of Indian counterpart is found in the real time of crisis when the minority Hindus in Bangladesh feel endangered by the Islamist forces there. Even then, the perishing Hindus in Bangladesh live with a hope that a rise of BJP in Bengal will help them a bit more while their expectations are yet to  be fulfilled by some strong steps by the BJP in the central power in India.

During his Delhi tour in the next couple of days, Mr. Guha is likely to meet Indian Home Minister Amit Shah and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to discuss upon various matters like Citizenship Amendments Act (CAA) and issues over the protection of minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

__Inputs from Daiknik Jugasankha.

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