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Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh critical after being attacked in Pakistan jail. Hindus-Sikhs are never safe in Pakistan whether in Society or in Jail.

Danger Alert: Sarabjit’s condition deteriorates further: Official sources.

Sarabjit won’t be sent abroad for treatment: Pak panel.

Sarabjit Singh in deep coma, on ventilator support. Sarabjit’s family gets visa to visit Pak.


Pray  - Ardas for Sarabjit

Brutal Islamic Attack upon Hindu-Sikh Prisoner inside Pakistan Jail.

Sarabjit Singh attacked with bricks and blades in Lahore jail, battling for life.

Dalbir Kaur (L), sister of Sarabjit Singh, and Singh’s wife Sukhpreet Kaur (R) cry during a press conference in Amritsar on April 27, 2013. — Photo by AFP

Dalbir Kaur (L), sister of Sarabjit Singh, and Singh’s wife Sukhpreet Kaur (R) cry during a press conference in Amritsar on April 27, 2013. — Photo by AFP

PTI | 26 Apr 2013 with subsequent updates | LAHORE – ISLAMABAD | eSource- TOI :: The prime suspect in the attack on Friday on Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh had quarrelled with him a few days ago but Pakistani authorities at Kot Lakhpat Jail did not bother to take notice of the incident, official sources said on Friday.

Death row prisoner Amer Aftab tried to attack Sarabjit a few days ago and abused him, the sources told PTI.

The reason for the altercation could not immediately be ascertained.

Aftab, who was being held in a barrack near Sarabjit’s barrack in one of the most secure sections of Kot Lakhpat Jail, was among at least six prisoners who attacked the Indian national at about 4.30pm.

Sarabjit was hit on the head with bricks and his neck and stomach were cut with blades, at least two sources told PTI.

One source said Sarabjit was attacked within his barrack. However, unnamed officials of Kot Lakhpat Jail were quoted by Pakistani TV news channels as saying that only two prisoners – Amer Aftab and Mudassar – were involved in the attack.

The officials were also quoted as saying that Sarabjit was attacked when he and other prisoners were brought out of their cells for an hour-long break.

The sources rejected these claims and said Sarabjit was assaulted by at least six prisoners within his barrack.

Aftab, who was sentenced to death for murdering a mayor’s brother, and Mudassar were locked up after the attack and were being interrogated, sources said.

Malik Mubashir, deputy superintendent of prisons in Punjab province, was appointed to head the inquiry into the attack.

Mubashir would probe all aspects of the incident and ascertain whether some jail officials may have been involved or linked in any way to the attack on Sarabjit.

He will also ascertain whether the attackers were motivated by “religious elements”, the sources said.

Sarabjit was admitted to the state-run Jinnah Hospital with a severe head injury on Friday evening.

After a CT scan, he was kept in the hospital’s intensive care unit and his condition was described as critical.

Sarabjit Singh in critical coma after being attacked by Muslim fanatics in Pak jail

Authorities had tightened Sarabjit’s security after the recent execution in India of Afzal Guru, who was convicted of involvement in the 2001 terror attack on the Indian Parliament.

In January, another Indian prisoner in Kot Lakhpat Jail, Chamel Singh, died after allegedly being assaulted by prison staff.

Though he died in mysterious circumstances, Singh’s autopsy was performed almost two months after his death.

Sarabjit was convicted for alleged involvement in a string of bomb attacks in Punjab province that killed 14 people in 1990.

His mercy petitions were rejected by the courts and former President Pervez Musharraf.

The outgoing Pakistan People’s Party-led government put off Sarabjit’s execution for an indefinite period in 2008.

Sarabjit’s family says he is the victim of mistaken identity and had inadvertently strayed across the border in an inebriated state.

India Prying for SarabjitRelated News:  Who is Sarabjit Singh?:  DNA.

Sarabjit Singh in deep coma, no surgery till his condition stabilises: Indian Express.

Sarabjit Singh attack: ‘Prime supsect had quarrelled with him’: Zee News.

Pakistan authorities fail to provide Sarabjit security said Lawyer: Economic Times.

2 prisoners charged for assaulting Sarabjit Singh: The Hindu.

Sarabjit Singh – Five hours of hope and 22 years of dark journey: Hindustan Times.

Sarabjit Singh fighting for survival in Lahore hospital: The Dawn.

Courtesy: All Sources. 

7 comments on “Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh critical after being attacked in Pakistan jail. Hindus-Sikhs are never safe in Pakistan whether in Society or in Jail.

  1. malayappaswamy
    April 27, 2013

    Long live Sarabjit Singh ! God give him strength ! Death to Pakistan !!!!


  2. indian citizen
    April 27, 2013

    कब जागोगे भाइयो.


  3. Dr.R.V.Reddy
    April 27, 2013

    No Muslim Organisation has condemned the attack. This should speak volumes about the Muslim psyche…



  4. Sanjay
    April 28, 2013

    Till Hindus heed to the call of Lord Krishna to fight evil, nothing is going to change. See


  5. surinder attri
    April 29, 2013

    Subj: Sarabjit Singh, an Indian, in critical condition, after being assaulted in Lahore jail.

    1. At least six prisioners inside Pakistani jail, hit Sarabjit Singh,with bricks & broken pieces of glass. Pakistan ought to be crestfallen & conscience-stricken for its prison-house, and ought to be begging-pardon. But Pakistan is not going to do any such decent or courteous thing, and its conscience is in declivity.

    2. In fact, some Pakistani sources claim that, only two prisioners, Amer Aftab & Mudassar, were involved in the attack. It is quite possible that some jail officials were also involved, in the attack on Sarabjit.Singh. Regardless, however, it is quite clear that he was treated as a Kafir, and was attacked by Moslem fanatics.

    3. This attack was condemned by several organizations in India. There was a big protest at Jantar Mantar, demanding the release of Sarabjit Singh. The sister of Sarabjit Singh ( Dalbir Kaur ) made an appeal to the government of India, and also to the President of Pakistan, to save Sarabjit Singh.

    4. Some questions remain. Why was Sarabhut Singh attacked ? Why was he not protected ? Sarabjit Singh’s case has been in the news, for some time, and his family has been making efforts, to secure his release. If government of India had taken any steps, this attack would not have taken place. Sarabjit Singh’s sister ( Dalbir Kaur ) had met the home minister ( Sushil Kumar Shinde ), and minister of state for external affairs (Preneet Kaur ) and others, and mentioning to them that Sarabjit Singh could be attacked. None of them did anything at all, and the attack did take place.

    5. Pakistan’s human right activist, Ansar Burney, said that attack looked ” suspicious .” Somebody could be behind this attack. No bricks or other material can reach this place, where Sarabjit Singh has been kept. The matter must be thoroughly investigated.

    6. Sarabjit Singh’s family regards his imprisonment, as a matter of vulgar & gross injustice. They claim that he had inadvertently crossed into Pakistan in August 1990, in an inevriated state, and was arrested there. However, Pakistani police claims that Sarabjit Singh was involved in acts of terrorism. He has been languishing in Pakistani jails ever since.

    7. Dalbir Kaur says that, GOI ( government of India ) has not been very sensitive about resolving the mistaken-identity issue, involving her brother.

    Regardless, however, the reality is that Sarabjit Singh is a Kafir, and is being treated as a Kafir. The attack on him, by a bunch of Moslem Fanatics, ought not to boggle the mind of any Hindu.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  6. Shiva Trinetra
    May 2, 2013

    Sad news Sarabjit Singh has sadly passed away. Definitely he was murdered by the jihadi bastards of pakistan posing as doctors who would have switched off the ventilator. Dalbir Kaur left & the Jihadi bastards did a dirty on the family. How much more will Hindus take this degradation? Kick out hijda manmohan & vote in Narendra Modiji LONG LIVE SARABJIT SINGH


  7. Indian
    October 6, 2016

    Shame on pakistan and government of could have they arrest someone without even knowing his real identity…Such a cruelty..Shame on all of them who were aware about it and still has not done anything about it.I think if this is what Pakistan want from us then its a time to show their AUKAD..Really Disgusting


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