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PIL in Calcutta High Court. Restore infringed Hindu Religious Rights in West Bengal.

Hindu Religious Rights are highly abrogated in West Bengal: Public Interest Litigation in Calcutta High Court.

Rights RestorationUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | Dec 14, 2015:: In West Bengal, particularly in the Muslim majority district like Murshidabad, Hindus are denied their religious rights to perform their Puja, Festival, Procession etc. publicly under the repression of the majority Muslim community and obviously with the indulgence of Muslim appeasement policy and vote bank politics tantamount in the state.

Even, the world famous philanthropic and social-service Hindu organization Bharat Sevashram Sangha and their devotees and disciples are being put in the hurdles for performing their religious procession and puja activities.

Being aggrieved by this utter consequences, one Sri.  Nilratan Pathak now knocked the door of Justice in the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court for a proper redressal for the infringed rights of Hindus contravening the ‘Right to equality’ inter alia ‘Not to being Discriminated’ as enshrined in the constitution in India.

The petition [WP 27326 (W) of 2015] filed by Sri. Pathak says, Hindus are denied to perform the Durga, Kali, Jagadhatri and Kartik Pujas in various places in Murshidabad under severe Police restrictions. Police authorities are applying the provisions of clause 30(1) of West Bengal Police Act 1861 and banned any Hindu procession with music, fire-works-crackers, beating drums and with swords etc. In Hindu marriage rituals for many sections, the bride-grooms carry swords as a symbol of valour and in many Hindu religious processions of Hindus and Hind-Sikhs, carrying of religious armors are obligatory. But, the WB Police under the State policy and under the Islamic influence in TMC (the ruling party in WB), are not giving permission of Hindu pujas, processions, public congregations, even chanting “Balo Hari Haribol” or “Ramnam Satya Hai” in a funeral procession of Hindus going through Muslim areas or passing by a mosque!

Resotoration of Hindu Rights in West BengalBut, the same Police in West Bengal is allowing all the horrific demonstration of Muharram (bleeding from blades, hammering, brandishing sharpened weapons etc.) without any hindrance or the most illegal violations of Pollution (Noise) Control Act. and violation of using Public Address System (PAS) procedures each and every day from every mosques in West Bengal using unauthorized PAS and giving intolerable Adhan of Fajr ( around 4.40 to 4.50 am) violating time restrictions applicable for all.

In the petition filed in the Calcutta High Court it is said that the the action of Police authority is very much vindictive to the Hindu rights when they are issuing various instructions to the organisers of Hindu festivals and Hindu institution for not granting their prayer of Pujas and Processions. In various places Magistrates under police recommendation impose Crpc 144 to stop the Puja processions of Hindus very unfortunately. Even the vindictive authorities do no pay heed to the verdict of the Calcutta High Court as  the Chief Justice  passed an order on 20.01.1965 directing that nobody has any power to infringe any rights to cease anybody’s religious rights and in such cases the Court of Justice must intervene to ease the rights.

Earlier, the then Chief Justice and Constitution Expert Sri. Bhagabati Prasad Bandopadhyaya opined that Police can’t stop such immersion of idols etc. under Crpc 144 and these ritualistic/religious programmes do not need any license as such. Even then the Police authorities are  going against the Hindu side only to appease the Muslim community in a very discriminatory style.

While asking about the litigation to Swami Pradiptananda, a Senior monk of Bharat Sevashram Sangha told HENB that “It is very unfortunate that Hindus are being oppressed in various ways for holding their pujas and religious programmes. This is violation of Hindu Rights so far. The matter is now drawn forth to the Court of Justice and we are hopeful to the get justice properly”.

Earlier the Calcutta High Court ordered the state authorities to ensure Saraswati Puja in Schools in Basant Panchami and Religious Practices for Hindus in Murshidabad in a case filed by Advocate Rama Prasad Sarkar in January 2015.

While the Hindu religious rights are infringed in many ways, the Muslims are permitted Namaz and their Ejtemas/Islamic Jalsas (overnight communal meetings) without any permission all over the states. In some parts of West Bengal the Hindu way of life is put in stagnation and strangulation.

In another litigation the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court took cognizance over the matter and  in a land mark order Hon’ble Justice Dipankar Datta passed an order in W.P. 411 ( W ) of 2015 on 22.01.2015 that, “Having regard to the documents, it is difficult to come to a prima facie finding at this stage that the practice of students being allowed to offer ‘namaj’ during school-hours and within the school premises has been continuing for long”.

In such a discriminatory way the present TMC (some says it is Total Muslim Congress for its rampant Muslim appeasement process  and some says Total Mujaheddin Congress as its  student leader arrested for his connection with ISI) run Govt. in West Bengal is ceasing Hindu Human and Religious Rights boundlessly.

Source: Agencies.

3 comments on “PIL in Calcutta High Court. Restore infringed Hindu Religious Rights in West Bengal.

  1. It was shameful for us because in our own country we have to appeal?


  2. B N Rakshit
    December 15, 2015

    If Hindu still do not unite, they will have to suffer in entire WB.


  3. ujjwalkumarray
    December 17, 2015

    Hindu will vanished like Bangladesh from West Bengal unless united.


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