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AMU Jihadi students create ruckus at Aligarh railway station, fight with Hindu passengers.

amu jihad centers

Railway travel for the Hindus in India is not safe if the co-passengers are Muslims! 

Aligarh Muslim University’s Jihadi students create ruckus at Aligarh railway station, fight with Hindu passengers, threatened to kill them.

Sanjay Jha | HENB | Hathras | Sept 28, 2017:: It’s not a mere an University of Islamic propaganda that helped the partition of India, not is active as Jihad solidarity network though out its network in Murshibad and Kishanganj Centers. With this network they may paralyze the Railways system, roadways or the normal public life at any moment through phone calls or posting in social media platforms.

A group of MBA students from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)’s Murshidabad Center got involved in a fight with a few Hindu passengers in the Kalka Express, enroute from Howrah to Delhi.

The Muslims students have, however, alleged that during the fight, they were tried to be pushed out of the train by the passengers.

It is known from the source that the Muslims students of the scene tried to hackle the Hindu passengers out of some disputes related to misbehavior to a Hindu lady travelling in the train. The Muslims students tried to take control over the ruckus but the added co-passengers of Hindu side overpowered them at a point of time.

TOI reports, “According to the police, two AMU students, Aadil and Nisar, boarded the Kalka express from Murshidabad on Tuesday night. Both students are doing MBA from Murshidabad campus of AMU. Another passenger, Raju Kumar Vishwas, was also travelling in the same train to Shimla with his wife and child.

On the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday, there was an altercation between these students and Vishwas, after the students allegedly harassed his wife when she was feeding her child. Vishwas and his wife had then allegedly beaten them. The incident occurred at Dhanbad city of Jharkhand around 12:30 am.

Police said that the students had moved to another compartment and sent the WhatsApp message to their fellow students in Aligarh informing them that they had been beaten by their fellow passengers due to a seat problem. They were also threatened that they would be thrown out of the train. This message was sent on all the WhatsApp groups of AMU students when the train was just 3-4 hours away from Aligarh.

SSP, Rajesh Pandey told TOI that the train was scheduled to reach at 5:30 pm but was late by around 2 and half hours. Students started gathering at Aligarh Railway station demanding action against the mentioned fellow passengers. He immediately informed the SP Railways, Nitin Tewari and requested him to stop the train at Hathras railways station to avoid any untoward incident in Aligarh“.

After getting the messages at Aligarh campus on the social media, more than 500 Jihadi students of AMU got angry and gathered outside the Aligarh railway station only to attack the Hindu passengers and the family of Bishwas.

The Muslim students demanded an action to be taken against the accused and created a ruckus at the station.

It was also reported the AMU Mursidabad students also requested their friends in AMU Kishanganj (Bihar) unit to start agitation at Kishanganj Rly station to hamper the train services for a widespread repercussion.

Seeing more Jihadi students from Aligarh Main Campus of AMU gathered and creating a chaos at the Aligarh station, the railway authorities tightened the security.

On the basis of inputs, the Kalka Express was halted at the Hathras junction for a long time by the Rly authority.

As anything could happen if the family of Bishwas reached Aligarh,  they were detained by police authority at Hathras railway police and were  questioned to search the reality of the incidents.

The administration was, however, finally able to explain the students the matter and assured them for an appropriate redressal of the matter.

After the Jihadi students dispersed, the train sent to Delhi from Hatrash through Aligarh under security cover.

The network of Muslim Organisations (NGOs), Islamic Educational Institutions, Masjid and Madrasa Networks, Muslim Business Houses, Muslim Travel and Transport Agencies and Private Security Agencies run by Muslims, all are posing a vulnerable threat to Hindus in India.

That’s a great concern for the peace-loving people of India and Home Ministry and Intelligence Departments must take note of these.



6 comments on “AMU Jihadi students create ruckus at Aligarh railway station, fight with Hindu passengers.

  1. Rama Roy
    September 29, 2017

    Many of Muslim Co-passengers (if they are much in numbers) take beef in front of other Hindu passengers and read Namaz displacing others in Namaj time in the railway compartments. The tease Hindu girls in many ways in travel time and turned violent if you oppose. Most of the passengers are experiencing it in HHW-Mumbai, HHW-Delhi route these days. But the Rly Security are inactive.
    Attention: Indian Rly Minister Piyush Goyal.


  2. Sp bansal
    September 29, 2017

    this was real reason at godhra station
    muslims jihadists killed karsewaks reyurning back from AYODHYA


  3. Sridhar
    September 30, 2017

    Only way is to control the population!!! Or else Hindus will be outnumbered one day!!!


  4. prashant
    September 30, 2017

    Islam,vulgour form of religion is spread on the power of sword


  5. Muslim
    October 2, 2017

    Muslims are not terrorists it your dirty thinking and your hatred for Muslims,,your communal thinking makes you spell venom,,if u count terrorist in India then Hindu terrorist will outnumber Muslim terrorist,did u forget, naxal terrorism in Jharkhand,Bihar, Andra Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Maharashtra so next time keep your self updated before raising figure,


    • Rama Roy
      October 3, 2017

      Hmmm. This Muslim guy is very Correct. One Hindu Terrorist did the Las Vegas Carnage. But ISIS claimed the responsibility.

      See here: .

      This A$$H0LE brain Muslim consider Naxal are Hindu, Even he may think ISIS, Taliban, LeT, Harkat Ul Mujaheedin, Dogtor Zakir Naik, Masood Azhar, dawood Ibrahim… all are Hindu. So blame on Hindu Terrorism.

      What a fantastic Idea!


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