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Excavation at Babri Mosque Reveals It Was Built on Ancient Hindu Temple. It should be given to Hindus: UP Shia Waqf Board Chief


Babri Masjid blot to India, crime to call it mosque. Muslims must hand over the land to Hindus for making a good relation with them: UP Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi.

Sambhu Tripathi | HENB | Lucknow | Oct 5, 2018:: In a very bold statement, Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi has targeted Babri Masjid and accused it of being a blot to the country. He said that it is a crime to call “that blot as a mosque”.

Rizvi said that during the archeological excavation, a square made of bricks was found at the bottom of the 50 pillars of the temple in Ayodhya. A total of 265 old remnants of the temple were found and the digging under the mosque was done by 137 workers, of which 52 were Muslims, he added.

The Shia board chief pointed out that on the basis of this the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had reached the decision that a temple was buried underneath the Babri Masjid. As such, the existence of Babri structure means a divide and animosity between Hindu and Muslims and the destructed (by Hindu Karsevaks) Babri structure can’t not be rebuilt anyway.

History says that Hindu temple was demolished and Babri Masjid has been built on the debris, he added. Rizvi highlighted that this has also been mentioned in the book, “I am Indian”, by KK Mohammed.

Rizvi said that there should be an agreement and the right to the Hindus to build a Ram temple should be returned. This will make a good relation of Muslims with the Hindus. The Muslims should build a new mosque in Lucknow or any suitable place, uncontroversial and with white money raised from Muslims.

He concluded that at the backdrop of such a scenario, calling Babri a masjid will be unjust and against the principles of Islam. “There is still time the ‘mullas’ of Babri should rectify their mistakes, and accept the preaching of Prophet Mohammed, rejecting the preaching of terror like Abu Baqr and Umar” he said.

Earlier this year, Rizvi had made similar remarks. “There was never a Mosque on that site in Ayodhya and there can never be a Mosque there. Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram and only a Ram Temple will be built there. Sympathizers of Babar are destined to lose,” news agency ANI had quoted him as saying.


__inputs from ANI & India TV.


4 comments on “Excavation at Babri Mosque Reveals It Was Built on Ancient Hindu Temple. It should be given to Hindus: UP Shia Waqf Board Chief

  1. Jayanti Chavda
    October 6, 2018



  2. sajal kumar majumdar
    October 6, 2018

    i am completely in agreement with Jayanti Chavda


  3. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 7, 2018

    Hindu Bharat has three enemies; 1. the internal anti-Hindus as Congress
    and allies. 2. the Allah Hindu-killer religion. 3. the Vatican looter religion.
    It is so sorry, the Hindus still not have understand the essence of their
    rights. Many Maharaja’s and Maharani’s – they took johar – with many, many
    heroes, had fought for the freedom of Bharat. Who were the enemies?
    The Islam – a desert religion – and the Vatican religion called the relgion of
    the Book. This Book is the OLD TESTAMENT of the Jewish religion. They
    are a copy of the Jewish religion. Nothing original. And these two fake
    religions came to Hindustan to put loot, killing and rape in Hindustan. They
    were the destroyer of Hindu heritage. This all is clear. Sri Ram Ji Mandir
    became their victim. The destruction can be seen everywhere. Now India is
    free and Master in its own house on the ground of its Victory, what reason
    can deny the Hindus their rights? Non! Losers are ghulams. Victors are the
    Masters. This means; Bharati’s, build the Sri Ram Mandir straight away!
    The Army of India has the duty to defend the Hindus and supporting them
    in rebuilding the Sri Ram Ji Mandir. Hindu Dharma is the soul of Bharat.


  4. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 7, 2018

    ALL THE POLITCIANS ARE TRAITORS. They don’t have the courage
    to rebuild the Sri Ram Ji Mandir. The Sri Ram Ji Mandir is the soul of
    Bharat. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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