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Kolkata Police arrested Three Muslims for Lake Kalibari Theft.

Burglary at Renowned Lake Kalibari Hindu Temple, 3 Muslims held within hours.

Sunanda Das | HENB | Kolkata | June 24, 2018:: After unearthing a suspected Muslim racket to run burglary into the Hindu Temples in Kolkata, the Rabindra Sarobar police have solved a burglary at the Lake Kalibari in the wee hours of Saturday, when burglars struck at the temple and decamped with cash and a DVD player. The cops have arrested three persons from Beniapukur. The trio, police said, struck at the temple after carrying out several rounds of recce in the past one week. Hundreds of devotees visit the Kali temple premises off Southern Avenue every day.

Police said among the arrested are two men who had previously attempted burglaries at highrises in the Lake and Deshapriya Park areas. “We studied the CCTV footage and used local source network to nab the accused,” said an investigating officer.

Sources say that the arrested persons have confessed their planning for  burglary in other Hindu Temples in Kolkata which earn a good amount of donations from the devotees.

“On Saturday morning, the head of trustee committee of the temple, Netai Chandra Bose, came to the Rabindra Sarobar Police Station and reported that unknown men had broken in to the main temple and decamped with cash and electronic items. They had fled with Rs 5000 cash and one DVD from the premises of Lake Kalibari by breaking open the padlocks of the books and CD selling counter. The stolen money included proceeds from the sale of books by Lake Kalibari. A part of the money was also stolen from a devotee box,” said DC (SED) Kalyan Mukherjee.

Later, three notorious burglars — Sk Panchu, Sahajahan Mollik and Nuri Begam — were arrested from Beniapukur based on a specific tipoff. “The DVD and cash of Rs 2000 have been recovered from their possession,” said Mukherjee. “Though the amount is small, we will beef up security on the temple premises,” said Bose.

Police is investigating the case to find others in network for stealing Hindu temples in the dark of night. Sources suspect that the arrested Muslims are suspect illegal Bangladeshi having no valid citizenship. Kolkata is being disturbed in many criminal activities by illegal Bangladeshi Muslims.

In India, Muslims take Hindu names and use to engage themselves in begging in front Hindu temples, shrines and melas (congregation). Kindhearted Hindus give them alms, but the same Muslim beggars try to find the scope of pickpocketing, snatching valuables from the Hindu pilgrims and devotees and they find scope to steal or rob  the donation box of temples.

To avoid Temple theft, concernd authorities and committees must not allow Muslim beggars in temple compounds and Hindus must not give any alms to any Muslim beggar.




One comment on “Kolkata Police arrested Three Muslims for Lake Kalibari Theft.

  1. Lal Gehi
    June 24, 2018

    जैसे ही, भारत में आपात्काल समाप्त हुआ, अमरिका के प्रवासी भारतियों मॆं भी संघ विचारधारा की स्वीकृति बढी. जब लोहा गरम था, उसका लाभ लेकर, संगठन का विस्तार करने, इससे अधिक उचित अवसर और क्या हो सकता था?

    I think, Hindu organizations are not actively and efficiently involved, or FAILED to UNITE HINDU COMMUNITY, as Muslims are united. The day over 80% Hindu of Bharat, will unite, OUR FUTURE HINDU GENERATION WILL BE SAFE AND SECURED IN THEIR OWN BLESSED HOME, HINDUSTAN.

    God bless Bharat


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